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Welcome To Your Local Redwood City Auto Repair and Maintenance Shop!

Our ASE certified technicians have always made it their top priority to provide affordable, honest, and dependable auto repair and maintenance services. They understand the importance of your vehicle for your everyday life, which is why the needs of our customers always come first. You can count on our technicians to take the best care of your vehicle, like it was their own. We do everything from oil changes and star certified smog checks to engine and brake replacements, except tires and alignment. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with QT Auto Repair in Redwood City, CA give us a call at (650) 556-1109.

Oil Change
Engine Repair
Air Conditioning
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Our Auto Repair and Maintenance Services Include:

  • Tune-Up

  • STAR Certified Smog Checks

  • Gross Polluter Repair

  • Brake Repair and Replacement

  • Computer Engine Diagnostics

  • Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Electrical System Service

  • Oil, Lube, and Filter Change

  • Radiator Repair

  • Transmission Repair and Replacement

  • Suspension Repair

  • Shocks and Struts

We Service All Makes and Models:

  • Honda

  • Acura

  • Mitsubishi

  • Infiniti

  • Toyota

  • Lexus

  • Mazda

  • BMW

  • Audi

  • Volkswagen

  • Mini

  • Land Rover

  • Mercedes

  • Volvo 

  • Saab

  • Nissan

  • Hyundai

  • Ford

  • GMC

  • Chevrolet

  • Dodge

  • Chrysler

  • Jeep

  • Buick

Timing Belts
Tune Up
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Advice For The Everyday Driver

Never drive your vehicle when your engine is overheating.
If your temperature gauge is at 3/4 or more, pull over and turn off the engine immediately. Do not attempt to check under the hood because this can cause you serious injury. If you do not see any steam or coolant boiling onto the ground, you should allow your engine to cool off for 15-20 minutes, then restart drive to the nearest repair shop while watching the temperature gauge. If you want to be extra safe, call a tow truck. A small amount of overheating can ruin your engine and cost you a bundle on replacement. 


Never drive with a check engine light on or flashing.
Checking the oil level will tell you whether you have a low oil or internal oil pressure problem. If the check engine light still appears after you have corrected the oil level, there may be another issue that your mechanic can diagnose. If the light turns off, you may drive home or to the nearest repair shop to figure out why the light was on so you can prevent future problems that may come up. Each time that light is on, you have no oil pressure, which means your high revving engine is running with no lubrication going to all the moving parts. The end result could be serious engine damage.


Oil changes

We recommend changing the oil every 3,750 miles or 90 days, whichever comes first. Every vehicle make is different, so consult with your mechanic or read your owner's manual for more accurate recommendations

Be aware of abnormal noises.

If you hear a noise coming from your brakes, tires, engine, or other part of your vehicle, do not ignore it. It is better to be safe than sorry, so take it to your nearest auto repair shop for a diagnosis. 


Follow the scheduled maintenance of your vehicle.
Following the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual is very important and they do pay off in the long run. Most people do not realize that the car manufacturer or the extended warranty companies can deny most repairs that were under warranty if you do not have receipts showing you maintained the vehicle according to your owner's manual. Do not underestimate the importance of scheduled maintenance.


Read your owner's manual!
We are still amazed to this day by the number of people who will invest thousands of dollars in a vehicle they depend on every day and never open the owner's manual! Reading your manual and understanding everything in it is one of the most important things you can do for your car. Do not disregard any of the information provided in the manual.




For more important tips regarding the maintenance of your vehicle, feel free to stop by QT Auto Repair in Redwood City, CA or give us a call at (650) 556-1109 to schedule an appointment.